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Despite the corona, we try to take part in the important trade fairs.


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ADF Project supports entrepreneurs and companies to get more visibility, for more customers and sales 

Many years of experience and contacts in the field of consulting, marketing 'online and offline' can help suppliers and sellers in bringing their offers and goods especially in German-speaking countries in front of your target audiences

If you are looking for new customers and trade contacts, we are at your side and can offer a wide range of services through our service and support, including individual service in online marketing.

We support you with the online presence according to the latest valid and legal guidelines (DSGVO/GDPR).

We offer Facebook, Google AD and other social media solutions so that your company and service meet your target group.

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Online marketing is essential

Online marketing is essential and combines a variety of systems and possibilities.

The results are exceptionally good in many ways

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The digitalisation and the ever faster way there is visible.

Online marketing and the security system in the area of Online and Internet are becoming increasingly important and the future in this area is growing very strongly.

However, still too many companies are not ready in the digitalisation and miss the connection.

I help entrepreneurs and companies to be visible in their market niche to get more customers and sales with essential online marketing systems.

Don't miss the opportunity and start now to get your target customer.

It's just a click away before their website visitor or visitor to your sales funnel, leaves your online presence.


would you like to enter the German-speaking market?

We help investors and companies to launch products who want to enter in the German-speaking market.

(Germany, Switzerland and Austria)

Especially the digitization can help companies to place products and services by using the latest online marketing opportunities.

Get the solution, present and sell your offer. We can help you with:

  • Online web shop system
  • Online Marketing - Sales Funnel
  • Offline sales - participation in trade fairs
  • APP creation
  • Online sales Amazon shop system
  • Product search and product launch
  • Sales Software
  • Conetent marketing
  • Company offshore
  • and much more ...

We are there for you in Frankfurt and Zurich for the DACH region and support you in many fields.

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One of our main services besides online marketing is the solution for companies and cooperations.

If you are looking for a trade fair participation under the umbrella of Switzerland, one of the most prestigious countries in the world, then we can offer you a trade fair participation at the highest level.

This advantage brings you sales and marketing solutions and offers many other benefits.

Offshore company solution.

Especially for foreign companies that operate internationally.
Only possible for selected customers and limited number of applicant per 6 months.

Our Presence:

  • WFM Moscow
  • SIAL Paris
  • ANUGA Cologne
  • Gulfood Dubai
  • Alimentaria Barcelona
  • Marketing Hong Kong
  • Trade Technlogie Shenzhen
  • Marketing Las Vegas
  • Fashion Milan
  • Fashion Paris
  • SIAL China
  • PLMA Amsterdam
  • Biofach Nuernberg
  • ISM Cologne
  • any more...

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Would you like to enter the Chinese market?

We help companies and label introduction your products into the Chinese market, with our contacts into the online sales market.

With our China cooperation partner directly in Shenzhen, we offer the options for product research, product manufacture as well and certifications as for all important transactions regarding authorities, licenses and permits.

Talk to us if we should help you to sell your products and goods in worlds largest marekt, China.

We offer European companies the opportunity to build up sales and visibility in the Chinese market via large online trading platforms and to place products online.


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Had you thought of entering the Iranian market?

There are many opportunities to enter one of the largest consumer markets in the Middle East.

Without falling under the embargo guidelines in any respect and get the chance to participate.

Only in the metropole of Tehran there are official a population of nearly 9 Mio people.

The number of foreign companies is growing and the online marketing chances and area is one of the most interesting fields for product seller and labels.

Don't let digitalization pass you by. Without an online presence, most companies will lose their sales and customers to the competition.

If you want to be visible an present your offer and sell more products to the right audience, than you the right combination of online marketing.

Start today and be ready for more customers and sales. Even if you don't use my and my teams service, start online marketing before your competitors will get the market shares.

What you need to be well positioned: 

  • Online Web-Site (Presence) not only a online business 'card'
  • Email Marketing
  • Conttent Marketing
  • SEO and SEA
  • For product seller automated Shopsystem
  • Onlinemarketing automated Sales Funnels
  • Some companies nedd Offline trade and show presence
  • APP
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Videomarketing
  • Marketing Hacks
  • Consulting

Contact me or one of our team member and get more information what we can do for you.

Book a free call/video chat (German, English)